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Taylor Schmelzer

Taylor Schmelzer
Office Manager

With a strong background in business and office management, Taylor joins The Kevin Meyer Group as the team’s Executive Assistant/Office Manager, bringing organization, efficiency, and growth to the firm.  Taylor oversees office operations, supports marketing efforts, and assists with business plan strategy and implementation.  Her excellent customer service skills make it easy for Taylor to maintain relationships with existing clients, as well as establish new connections with future home buyers and sellers.

When she is not at work, Taylor loves spending quality time with her family and friends.  She is drawn to the outdoors, and enjoys hiking, spending time on the lake, or taking a long day trip somewhere along the Puget Sound.  However, Taylor appreciates low-key activities as well, and can often be found binge-watching Netflix, reading a book, or perusing Pinterest.

Taylor is excited to be part of the Kevin Meyer Group, and looks forward to showing both her team and clients her dedication and commitment to making each experience memorable.